The Lean Toolkit: Limited Lean Production Box (24h price)

What exactly you will get within this box:

Deep insights into the 24 Tools: You will get the entire toolkit and 170 pages Handbook of lean production insights, including incredible examples of each single tool and method.

2.0 GB Database of Lean Examples: Get access to the entire lean database consisting of videos, pictures and technical details of successful lean implementations.

99 Templates and limited Bonus: In addition, all lean templates and PowerPoint or Excel slides are included ready to be used by you. Plus: 6 bonus chapters free.

100% Success-Guarantee: We guarantee you 100% success with this box. If not, you will get your fully money back instantly!

Just for the next couple of hours:

117 USD 47 USD

* within 14 days, you will be able to implement the very first lean tools in any organization. If not, you will get your full money back!

Lean Toolbox

Most Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is included in the Expert Lean Toolbox

A1: Our reference is a complete solution of straightforward Lean instructions and easy to apply principles. The Toolbox includes the 170 pages book of core Lean Production including the Quick-Action Map, Booklet and DVD (Hard Copies) + all Bonus Contents. The DVD contains of 3 hours of video files (.mp4-files) + all slides and images in PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) as well as in PDF format. Ready to be used by you. Further: All bonus documents are provided as PDF-ebooks or PowerPoint files. The templates are provided as Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. All these files are structured and easily to be used by any lean beginner or specialist.

Q2: Does the Toolbox further includes Practical Examples from Industries?

A2: The whole content is based on existing practical examples from various kinds of industries (USA, Asia, Europe). Learn from these examples to copy and paste lessons learned and best practices.

Q3: What if I am new to Lean Manufacturing and Lean Principles?  

A3: The Expert Lean Toolbox is dedicated to lean beginners and experts. Use the Lean introduction and guidelines to successfully implement the very first Lean tools in any factory. Proceed with the expert and professional tools once you increase your Lean experiences.

Q4: Payment and Delivery?

A4: The Expert Lean Toolbox is a shipped product. You will get instant access to the software, guide and the bonus pack instantly after the payment. The download link will be provided immediately. You can pay by Credit card or by your PayPal account. We use Digistore24 as our payment processor as they have a reputable buyer protection policy and secure SSL server.

Q5: Am I allowed to use Videos and Photos in my own Documents or Presentations?

A5: Yes. You can use any of the slides, example videos or photos in any of your presentations, training documents or papers.

Q6: How often can I access and download the Expert Lean Toolbox?

A6: Unlimited times. The download link is available unlimited times for you. In the case you need access to the files, simple click the link we send you to your inbox.

Q7: Why do I need the Expert Lean Toolbox?

A7: The Expert Lean Toolbox is the only available Lean Toolbox on the market. It provides you practical Lean knowledge, lessons learned and guides you step-by-step through all elements of Lean manufacturing.

Additional free Shipment if you buy Today:

"The Methods of Lean Production"-Handbook (value: 16.80 USD).

A guide to your lean factory. Including 170+ pages of detailed lean examples from European car manufacturers and suppliers (limited free bonus).

The Handbook

The "Management Guide: 10 Lean Failures" and the "12 Success Factory of a Lean Factory" (value: 27.90 USD)


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117 USD 47 USD

* within 14 days, you will be able to implement the very first lean tools in any organization. If not, you will get your full money back!